Máy cưa ripsaw nhiều lưỡi MRS-340M

  • 100% American designed and developed scan system.
  • Over a decade of success with more than 100 sets sold in US.
  • Easy to operate, learn, update and maintain with multi-language window operating system such as English and Chinese.
  • Rip 5~6 lumbers (3.6m each) per minutes. (The results may vary according to performance of operate, timber length, and feeding speed.)
  • 7~10% increase in yield.
  • Uniquely designed auto skew system, which provides 2~3% yield more than original fixed fence.
  • Our system allows customer to do simulation based on rip width, giving the best saw width combination to customer for material saving.
  • Provide production report, which include yield, quantity, total length, and cubic Ft, and allow user easily to manage production, control inventory, and calculate cost.
  • Allow single operator to control loads and defects.
  • The Skew operating position is on the side of the saw and out of harms way from kickbacks.

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