1. CFS-200B is a computerized cut-off saw. It can make a optimum combination of material through the computer program operation (calculation). Thus to reach a maximum utilization of material.
  2. The User-friendly Program Operation is leading with “icon”. The user can understand how to operate each function easily.
  3. Allow to build different work sheets according to different customers and various kinds of wood and save as the exclusive files. Easy to do the addition and revision.
  4. The computer can calculate the percentage of effective wood, consumptive wood and waste, also, to sum up the cubic feet of wood. All data is showing with figure on the screen.
  5. The sorting system can be added the number of pushers according to the request of the customer. Also, the various lengths of outfeed mechanism are available for order.
  6. Using a special crayon to mark on the wood and being detected by the sensor during feeding, the machine cuts the defect wood automatically.


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