Máy bào 2 mặt GT-400B

• The three table rollers provide superior feeding performance

• Standard Y-delta motor starting

• Quick belt change for bottom cutterhead

• Automatic lubrication for feeding chain

• Automatic lubricator provides convenient lubrication to caterpillar chain slideways(optional)

• An air wrench is applied for removing or installing knives and saves knife change time

• Optional spiral cutter head for the upper and lower cutter heads

• The table surface is hard chrome plated and precision ground for extremely smooth feeding and maximum wear resistance

• The dovetailed slideways on the table elevation assure outstanding rigidity and stability

• Sectional infeed rollers

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Thông số kỹ thuật Máy bào 2 mặt GT400B

Model GT-400B
Maximum Width Of Cut 405mm ( 16″ )
Maximum Thickness Of  Cut 200mm ( 8″ )
Minmum Thickness Of Cut 8m
Minmum Lenght Of Cut 250mm
Knife Nos. On Bottom Cutterhead 4pcs
Knife Sizes 405x3x30mm(16″x1/8″x1-1/8″)
Cutterhead Diameter Ø101mm
CutterHead Speed 4000RPM
Variable Feed Speed 8-24m/min
Dust Hood Outlet Diameter 5″ x 2
Table Surface Area 19″x86″
Top Cutterhead Drive Motor 10HP
Buttom Cutterhead Drive Motor 7.5HP
Feed Drive Motor 2HP
Upper Mechanism Elevation Motor 1/2HP
Machine Dimensions(LxWxH) 2200x900x1700mm
Net Weight 1900kg
Packing Dimensions(LxWxH) 2350x1060x1940mm
Gross Weight 2100kg

Hình ảnh

Well Laid-out pressure spikes Rear control device Gear reducer
Well Laid-out pressure spikes

The pressure spikes are in an overlapped layout with a minimum of gaps that hold the workpiece firmly and evening ensuring shake-free feeding, even for short workpiece.

Rear control device

Instant response and emergency stop to any abnormality, or just to stop/start the feeding, and provide the operator at the rear to perform on-site height adjustment of machine.

Gear reducer

Reduce wear caused by temperature rise and improve efficiency of power transmission.

Feeding inverter Fast knife replacement Automatic lubricator
 Feeding inverter

Digital display and quick operation to reduce wear on mechanical gearbox.

Fast knife replacement

The bottom cutterhead can be conveniently pulled out and is combined with an air wrench for greatly saving knife change time.

Automatic lubricator

The automatic lubricator delivers frequent lubrication oil to the caterpillar chain.


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