Máy chà nhám DAE-S4W2

Mô tả

The transmission of sanding head unit for this kind of machine adopt
frequency converting speed, and the revolving speed can be regulated
from 0 to 1800 RPM, according to hte different workpieces for processing.
Every sanding head unit can be adjusted with great tilted angle to match with the shapes of the workpiece for processing.

SPONGE WHEEL: To supplement for sanding and grinding of the plain and curved surface.
BRUSH WHEEL: To supplement for sanding and trimming.
SANDING WHEEL: To supplement for sanding of the sharp angle.

※Workpiece must be straight line type.
※ The feeding of DAE series is step by step with flat conveyor belt.
※ Mass production are recommended to use auto-feeding system for decrease of labor demand and increase productivity.
※ The DAE series have serveral optional sanding units, which can reach to the satisfied result at one operation when sanding on a workpiece of complicated irregular shapes.

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